Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome to 2013. It's funny: I've never thought that this blog would be any more than a personal indulgence. Alas, having recently received an e-mail on one of my older book reviews, I realise that more and more people are visiting this blog everyday. Therefore, I'm committing to delivering more news, more reviews and more book-related notices in the coming year. Thank you to everyone who does check back every now and again. In the coming days, I plan on posting some of the following projects. Some I hope to have posted shortly. Others I hope to work on more slowly as to properly inform anyone who reads this blog.
  • 2012 year in review: a detailed look at the 37 books I read last year.
  • New reviews of my favourite books of 2012.
  • More fantasy flashbacks, where I reflect on my favourite books.
So once again, thank you for your support. I leave you with this question: what was your favourite book of 2012 and why?